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Who we are

#SmoochPit is a Twitter event created to showcase pitches from unagented romance authors. This year will be the first of many, and we hope to make a romantic movement for the future. Four romance authors: Christine, a Nigerian-American, created and moderated the event; Busayo, a Nigerian-Brit; Vanessa, a Ghanaian-Brit, and Amy Barber came together and created an avenue for lovers of romance.

At SmoochPit, we also run a mentoring program where published/agented authors choose one writer each to mentor. Mentors will review the selected candidate's manuscript and help polish it for our major pitch event. 

Meet the Smoochie Team

Smooch Pit is a new mentorship program designed to bring together mentors and mentees from various backgrounds. Our diverse team is committed to creating a diverse romance-loving community through mentorship.

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