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Celia St Gelais (she/her)




Contemporary, Rom Com, Historical, Fiction with strong romantic elements


Hi SmoochPit! My name is Celia, and I write Contemporary/RomCom and Historical Romance. I have been agented with Kevan Lyon at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency since 2021 and have been on sub for two novels. I'm currently finishing up my third book which is a Contemporary RomCom teetering slightly into Women's Fiction. When I'm not writing, I double as a corporate gal and hold a CPA. When I'm not doing either of those, you can find me watching TLC (I am a sucker for the odd reality show), reading (romance, duh), cuddling my rescue Golden Retriever, Buddy (he's practically the real life Air Bud), cuddling my handsome husband (not a rescue), and enjoying the Colorado mountains/outdoors (still counts even if it's having an adult beverage outside).


My sweet-spot genres are Adult Contemporary/RomCom and Historical Romance. If your book falls into either of those, chances are I want to see it. But below are some specifics that stand out to me either way (again, if you don't have one of these, it doesn't mean I won't love it!):



• Enemies to lovers

• Grump and sunshine

• Brooding hero/heroine

• Unique take on a familiar trope/location

• Unexpected settings

• Quick wit/snappy voice

• Independent main characters with agency

• Cute pets! (bonus points if the grump is a sucker for it)

• ONE BED/caught in storm

• Magical element that is incorporated into plot

• Happy with any and all spice levels (but *cough, cough* I prefer the door to be a bit - or lot a bit - open, winky-face-tongue-out emoji)


No, thank you

• Secret/surprise pregnancy trope (just not for me – nothing wrong with it!)

• Any form of abuse or non-consent

• Power imbalances (see this mainly in historical)


One of my favorite things to do is read fellow authors' work. I have two close CP's and have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship we have struck of friendship, feedback, and lots and lots of gushing (I have no self-control with inline comments all in caps begging you to LET THEM KISS NOW). Even though this is set up as a mentor/mentee program, I don't see it as something that is 'teacher and student' - rather, something that sits more in collaboration. Ultimately, all I want, is to help you make your beautiful book shine in all the ways that it can. I believe that includes pointing out areas that could be tweaked, and just as importantly, the things that are WORKING. I am personally someone that can have a hard time hearing feedback on something that is literally a piece of yourself. Of course, in this industry, we can't avoid constructive criticism and must learn how to accept and execute on it. But the key for me is that it is CONSTRUCTIVE. I have no crystal ball on the industry to know exactly what agents/editors want to see (if I did, I would be sitting on my throne of best sellers and six-figure deals). However, I truly love books and I truly love romance and I truly love helping peers succeed in any way I can. I would say that I am a hands on mentor. I would provide detailed inline comments (again, a lot of gushing) and general high level feedback on plot, structure, characters, etc. I would love to set up a Discord channel for just us to talk about any questions/brainstorming on the book itself, but also general publishing woes and wins. I ultimately am a girl standing in front of SmoochPit asking it to send me a new friend whose book I can help champion.

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