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2022 Mentors List

The SmoochPit Mentorship program connects unagented authors with agented authors. These selected mentors have volunteered their time to work with a potential mentee on their query letter, synopsis, and the first 50 pages of their manuscript. Mentors may go further if they wish.


Their MSWL (manuscript wishlist) is a great way to find out more about each mentor and pick those you think are the best fit for your work. Asides on the MSWL below, we’d also host a #SmoochPitAMA so you can ask each mentor any question you may have. Do not ask for feedbacks or send them links to your work, this will automatically disqualify you.


For a more organized format, here’s a list of all mentors in 2022.


Anahita Karthik

Birukti Tsige

Busayo Matuluko

Carly Byrne

Charlotte Ellis & Hannah Rossiter

Christine Pillainayagam

Eilene Spear

Erin La Rosa

Haleigh Wenger & Brielle Porter

Jozette Allah-Mensah

Kirsten Bohling

Kosoko Jackson

Laurie Johnson

Mae Thorn (Melissa Schack)

Meredith Schorr

Nikki Payne

Noreen Mughees & Stephanie Magister

Rachel Faturoti

Regina Black

Safa Ahmed

Swati Hegde

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