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Thanks to everyone who is excited to apply! Mentee Applications will be up on Sep 9th 2024


Our mentorship program aims to help aspiring romance writers develop their craft, improve their skills, and achieve their writing goals. A mentorship program provides writers personalized guidance and feedback from an experienced mentor who is well-versed in the genre.

The mentorship program aims to help writers develop their unique voice and style while providing them with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in the competitive world of romance writing. This may include guidance on plot development, character building, pacing, dialogue, and other vital elements of the genre.

The mentorship program aims to provide aspiring writers with the support, guidance, and feedback they need to improve their craft and achieve their writing goals. By working with an experienced mentor, writers can gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed in the world of romance writing.

We are excited to announce our SmoochPit Mentorship program for all unagented romance authors. Applications will be open from Sep 9th through Sep 16th. Here are the guidelines to follow before submitting your application. 


  1. ONLY romance-themed stories are accepted, regardless of the genre. This means that romance has to be one of the major components in your work.

  2. Your work must be complete and unpublished (self-published works will not be accepted).

  3. You can only submit one manuscript.

  4. Mentors will ONLY consider genres stated on their wish list.

  5. ONLY unagented are to apply.


Mentors may ask for more materials to help them decide.


Please note, due to the number of applications we may receive the SmoochPit team will not be able to make changes, so we advise you to crosscheck your application before submitting it. 





Make sure your manuscript is finished and as polished as possible.



Get your query letter, synopsis (summary), and the first 10 pages of your manuscript ready.



Go through our mentors' list and pick three.



Fill out the form, which will be linked here and multiple other places on our site starting Sept 9th!




1. What do I need to submit?

In addition to some general questions on the form, you'll upload one document with the following in this order:

  • Your Query Letter (single spaced)

  • Synopsis (no more than 2 pages, single or double spaced)

  • First 10 Pages (double spaced)


2. How many mentors can I submit to?

You can only submit to 3 mentors, so pick wisely. Although other mentors will have access to all submissions, they'll prioritize the ones submitted to them. Pick the three you think are the best fit!


3. What will mentors work on and for how long?

Mentors are to work on your query package and the first 50 pages of your manuscript. Some mentors will choose to look at more of your manuscript but it’s up to them. The speed of the mentor and mentee determines how long the mentorship will take, and mentors and mentees will have a conversation within the first two weeks of the program to establish their timeline. The mentorship will officially end in mid-February with our agent showcase.


4. What if I have sent out a query or got a partial/full request?

You can still apply. But contact us immediately if you get an offer.


5. Can I submit more than one manuscript?


6. Can I submit it twice, even if I made a mistake?

No. This results in disqualification.


7. I’ve submitted, now what?

While submissions roll in, mentors will be going through each submission. Some mentors may decide to look through it after the submission deadline. They may also request additional materials. Everyone will find out if they have been chosen or not on the same date - October 18th. 


8. I am under the age of 18. Can I still apply?

Yes, but we require permission from your parent.

Mentee Guidelines

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