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Kelli Storm (she/her)


New Adult, Adult


Contemporary, Rom Com, Historical, Dark Romance


In 2008, I lost my job due to the recession. To fill my time, I started writing fan fiction. I soon developed a following, and my readers encouraged me to write an original story. I wrote my story, sent it off to 60+ agents, and got rejected. I wrote another story and sent it off to another 40+ agents. I got one partial request, but ultimately, that story also got rejected.


After taking some time off to focus on a new job, I wrote my third story. The third agent I queried signed me, but that story died on submission. I wrote my fourth story and was told to revise and resubmit (I didn't). My fifth story, an adult romance, resulted in a two-book deal with Harlequin. I also signed with a new agent at that time, the amazing Jill Marsal with Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. My debut book, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (Harlequin Special Edition), is an ode to my love of boy bands.


Aside from writing fiction, I graduated with a BA in Public Relations. In a former job, I did publicity for a dog rescue and had press releases used by People Magazine, I Heart Dogs, MSN, and Yahoo. You can find me here:


I read mostly adult romance, but if you have a college-aged jock/nerd romance, I'd love to see it. Forbidden Love is my favorite trope. If you're using Alexis Hall's, A LADY FOR A DUKE, as one of your comps, please consider me. I also enjoy the following tropes: enemies to lovers, celebrity romance, mafia romance, royalty/commoner, and marriage of convenience. Anything LGBTQIA+ is a HUGE bonus. I'm not a good fit for love triangles, fantasy, or first person, present tense POVs.


I'm here to help you. The best way I know how to do that is by being completely honest. I'll let you know what I love. I also won't sugarcoat it if something isn't working. I once belonged to a writing group with published authors who were very blunt in their critiques (they only made me cry once, lol). I won't do that to you, but we'll do well together if you're open to constructive feedback. In return, I'll do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals.

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