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Margot Ryan (she/her)




Contemporary, Rom Com, Fiction with strong romantic elements


I work as a scientist by day and write romance by night (usually actually by early morning). When not writing or working, I spend my time reading, knitting/crocheting, traveling, and badly playing video games. I live outside Philly with my husband and our tiny dog. I've had a sourdough starter going for eight years and enjoy cooking elaborate meals on weekends, not that I'm procrastinating on my writing or anything. Definitely not that.


STEM characters or stories, especially those featuring the diversity of people in STEM, city settings, unique or extreme locations, speculative or paranormal elements in a contemporary romance/romcom. Please no books with cancer or characters with cancer


I tend to be straightforward in my communications. I'm not gushy, but that means if I give positive feedback, I really mean it. I'm here for the craft and query questions, and also for the writing life questions. I'm here to give feedback and to help strategize, but I won't tell you that there is one way to do something because in my experience there are usually multiple options, and I'd rather give you the tools to help current and future you than be prescriptive.

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