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Busayo Matuluko (she/her)


Young Adult, New Adult, Adult


Contemporary Romance, Rom Com, Fiction with strong romantic elements


Busayo Matuluko is a Black, British Nigerian adult nurse, YA/Crossover writer, and extremely opinionated award nominated BookToker who loves talking about her favourite diverse books.


As someone who grew up reading many books without the representation she desired or with topics she hated seeing her people involved in, she started writing to fulfil that. About to go on sub, she is consistent in that in her work, she will always find a way to wriggle in two (black) people falling in love.


When she's not writing you can find her on Twitter at weird hours of the night tweeting her most random thoughts, or binge watching TV shows she's already watched about a thousand times.


Open to Young Adult, New Adult/Crossover, Adult but younger than 30 (sorry to be so specific haha)

— I’d like to see mysteries (cozy or thriller) that has some romance sprinkled in👀. Especially with unique concepts!


Some of my favourites: Truly Devious, AGGGTM, I Kissed Shara Wheeler


— Every lighthearted/joyful love story (bonus if with a POC lead) you can find I’ll read. However, if they are to face adversity please not it be a central theme. Romances that are just fun and enjoyable. I wanna stay up all night squealing


— RomComs that put the COM back in !


— I’d love to see more black girls in love triangles!!


— If you’re a black British writer I’d like to see your work even if it doesn’t fit the criteria’s above and below


— Crossover that’s about 18+ year olds being messy in last year of school/college/uni, having relationships or messy situationships. New adults who don’t have their sht together and are navigating the adult world


— Books that feel like a 2000s RomCom movie


— Anything that can be comped to The Sun is Also a Star, Better than the Movies, Charming as a Verb (esp if your character is like Halti or Corrine!!), or How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe


— Whilst I’m not a good fit for fantasy, I’d love anything that includes magical realism or witches


— Books with series potential like The Brown Sisters or The Kiss Quotient, even if it’s only just mapped out! I’d love to follow you on that journey


— Grumpy. Sunshine. Especially if the girl is the grump


— I’m not the best fit for historical romances unless it’s set 90’s onward or is in the style of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo/Malibu Rising


— Not the best fit forslowww* burns


I’m a massive fan of a compliment sandwich. I know from experience once I hear all the “negatives” about a MS I shut down and I would never want to do that to a mentee! But whilst I want to (and definitely will) gush about your work, I also want to help with edits to get it to be the best it can to agents!


This will be in the form of:

— a makeshift edit letter in email form — leaving comments in line as I’m reading, both with reactions, things I think could work better and any corrections I may have!


I’m always an email, phone call or zoom away and will respond as soon as I can as long as we work together!

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