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Amaka Egbe (she/her)


Young Adult, New Adult


Contemporary, Rom Com, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Fiction with strong romantic elements


Hello, everyone! My name is Amaka, an upcoming debut author who is very excited to be a SmoochPit Mentor. I have a dual-bachelor's degree in Marketing and Psychology and a Master's in IO Psychology. I love to travel, spend time with loved ones, and learn new things. Reading and (obviously) writing are also things that I enjoy. Looking forward to working with you!


I love romance books, especially ones with a comedic flair. I am open to both first person and third person POV.


Deconstructing tropes or writing common tropes with a twist is something that usually keeps me drawn to a book, and I love strong side characters. Some tropes I find myself drawn to: fake dating (sorry, not sorry), enemies to lovers (within reason), friends to lovers. This does not mean other storylines aren't considered -- I love to find something new to love!


Large age gaps (50 y/o with 20 y/o as an example) is something that I avoid reading. I also am not the biggest fan of love triangles, but if done well, I can also read it.


I like to understand my mentee and see what helps them best. Some people are less hands on while others would like more interaction, so understanding what works best would be my first step. I like to plan things ahead of time, but also be open to changes. I love answering questions and providing as much clarity as I can, with the hope of helping the mentee to achieve their specific goals.

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