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Sonora Reyes (they/them)


Young Adult


Contemporary, Rom Com, Historical, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Fiction with strong romantic elements


Born and raised in Arizona, Sonora Reyes is the author of contemporary Young Adult novels The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School and The Luis Ortega Survival Club. They write fiction full of queer and Latine characters in a variety of genres, with current projects in both kidlit and adult categories. Sonora is also a co-founder of QPOCFest, a virtual book festival celebrating queer and trans BIPOC authors and books.



I'm interested in anything Young Adult! Please don't feel like you have to match everything on my wish list in order to send to me! If anything on here calls out to you and you feel like we'd be a good match, feel free to submit! I'm especially looking for stories from historically marginalized authors.



Disclaimer: if you don't have these tropes, that's totally fine! If you feel we'd be a good match, submit to me anyway. That said, these tropes are my weaknesses and if you do have them, gimme!


- Character tropes: Himbos, cinnamon rolls, loveable assholes, losers. If you have a himbo with a heart of gold or a good old fashioned cinnamon roll I can fall in love with in your story, I want it! If you can write an asshole who is secretly soft and just wants to be loved, I WANT IT! I also love a good loser, and I say loser in the most endearing way possible lol. Like, incompetent characters? Awkward characters? Clueless characters? GIMME.


- Slow burn. I am a sucker for the longing. The pining. I want to die a slow, painful death waiting for the characters to finally get together.


- Hate to love or enemies to lovers. This trope is my kryptonite, but I do think this one can be tough to pull off. For example, if the characters are enemies because one of them did something completely unforgivable or is a racist or a bigot, it's not really my cup of tea. But misunderstandings? Family feuds? Rivalry? Long-time childhood grudges? Give me all of that!


- Fake dating. Are the feelings real, or were they just faking? SCREAM.


- Childhood best friends to lovers. Something about the idea of a love that has the foundation of knowing each other since childhood just sits right with my soul. The memories! The bonds! The fear of messing something up that's been there since as long as they can remember! Give it to me!


- Hurt/comfort.  Go ahead, hurt me, then heal my sad little heart!


- I also love a good trope subversion! If you flipped a trope on its head in a creative or clever way, I'd love to see it!




- Anything with LGBTQ+, people of color, mental illness, disability, and any intersections and combinations of these identities! That said, if you're writing about a disabled or LGBTQ+ character or anything else you want to keep private, please don't feel like you have to disclose to me that it's own voices unless you feel comfortable doing so.

- Rom coms! I want to laugh one minute and squeal at the cuteness the next. If you can make me cry, extra points!


- Anything queer and/or trans, please!


- QPOC love stories with happy endings


- Marginalized re-imaginings (queer, trans, BIPOC, disabled, etc)


- Anything that will give me a good cry. I want to feel all the feelings. Tears of joy, anger, sadness, I don't care! Just make me cry lol.


- Voicey manuscripts! I LOVE a good voice.


- If you have a book that handles any important topics like grief, abuse, consent, etc. handled sensitively I would love to read it!


- Contrary to the last point, if you have a book that is just full of marginalized people being joyful, finding love and having a blast without having to deal with pain, I want that too!



If you can compare your work to any of the following authors or books, send it to me!​

- Adam Silvera

- Don't Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno

- the We Set The Dark on Fire duology by Tehlor Kay Mejia

- Becky Albertalli

- The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow

- Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

- Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

- Jonny Garza Villa



Anything with graphic, on-page rape (it's okay if it is off the page, but please include trigger warnings!) ​


Last but not least, if you've got a word count that you think is too high or too low, please don't worry about it when sending to me. I won't reject based on word count alone, and if you otherwise fit into my wishlist, I still definitely want to see your submission!


I'm open to whatever methods of communication work best for you. Want to stick with emails? Great. Want to hop on the phone to brainstorm? Let's do it! Want to text me or DM me on Twitter or Instagram about that epiphany you just had? Feel free!


I want this to be a collaborative partnership. While I will definitely have suggestions of my own for how to improve your manuscript, I don't want to pressure you to make a change that doesn't feel right. If any of my suggestions don't sit well with you, we can talk about it and figure out a solution you can be proud of. My main concern is that we address the things that need to be addressed, but how we do that is completely up to you. I will never force a change you don't want to make. This is ultimately your book, and whatever changes you do or don't make will be your own choice.


I will also try my best to mentor in other ways besides just looking at the words on the page. You need a sounding board to vent about revision, the querying trenches, or submission? I'm your guy. I'm an open book, and will share to the best of my knowledge what I can about the publishing industry and how to navigate it.

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